Review From Our Friend - Fatork

Review From Our Friend - Fatork

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  Last year we bought our first paddle board for our family with three young boys. We had so much fun, but one wasn’t enough with five of us. So I looked to find the best option and tried out this one. I am super impressed. It works perfectly, easily inflates and is incredibly sturdy. All three of my boys can sit on it at once. Or me and two of them to paddle around the lake. The pump works perfectly, and my kids can do most of the pumping. Once inflated it seems as sturdy as a non-inflatable paddle board. And it all packs up very nicely into its carry bag for easy transport. I like this one even more than our first one for quality and ease of unpacking, pumping, and repacking. If you have kids though, you’ll need two, these are just too much fun and have made days at the lake Incredibly fun. We’ll probably have to get a third as the kids get older.
  I don’t know what any cons would be honestly as it includes everything you need and it all just works and is pretty easy to get it all back in the bag after a day at the lake. Though I don’t pack it in the bag until I get home, away from the sand, and have a chance for it to dry and then use a broom to brush off the sand in the grass before packing it away. We are very happy with it.

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