A tent and cooker on the mountain

About Camping

Adventure is an underrated need. If your reservoir of fun is depleted or your mojo is ailing, camping out under the stars is both an obvious—and an awesome—cure. With the exception of perhaps on the off chance that you haven't really done it in some time, or ever. In the event that that is you, dread not: This class is precisely exact thing you want. We make sense of what gear you want, where and how to set up your shelter, how to take care of the passion and how to make (and put out) a legitimate open air fire. Alumni of this class will be capable rest as warm and snuggly as a kid in a patio sleepover.

Part 1: How to Select a Campsite and Set Up Your Tent

In this part, you'll learn:

  • What to bring
  • Choosing a site
  • Setting up your tent
  • Guying out your tent

Chapter 2: How to Sleep Warm

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • Fine tuning your sleep system
  • Tips and tricks for staying warm

Chapter 3: How to Build a Campfire

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • Campfire best practices
  • Where and how to assemble your fire
  • How to extinguish your fire

Chapter 4: How to Cook at Camp

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose camp cookware
  • Shopping and meal prep
  • Camp cooking techniques
  • Food storage and cleanup

Chapter 5: Camp Magic Moments

In this chapter, you’ll learn about:

  • Fun things to bring camping
  • Camp activities
  • S’mores
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Stargazing


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