How to choose a home projector in 2022?

How to choose a home projector in 2022?

Projector use, the biggest feeling is - large screen, comfortable viewing, easy to carry.
For example, some projectors with built-in batteries can be taken outdoors and used to watch a movie without problems.
For example, some projectors with 3D function, you can enjoy the 3D effect of the cinema at home.
The list of benefits goes on and on, so I won't list them all, they are all detailed in this article.
1. What is a projector
The first time I heard and saw a projector was when I was in school, and at that time I was thinking, if there is a projector at home, it is not the same as watching movies every day! But at that time, I saw a hanging projector, which was not very convenient to install at home.
Explanation of the term: projector, also known as a projector, its principle is an optical device that uses optical elements to magnify the outline of an object, and can project this object onto a shadow screen.
2. Advantages and disadvantages of the projector
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and projectors are inevitable.
● Its first advantage is that it can project a large screen at home, a good viewing experience, and can be moved around freely.
The second is that the sound effect is better than the sound effect of ordinary TV sets, and some of them can even be used as Bluetooth audio, so you can listen to songs at home very comfortably.
● The projector is small, light and easy to carry, suitable for home, business meetings, and also for carrying when traveling outdoors. A projector with a built-in battery is able to watch a movie outdoors without power.
The brightness of the projected screen is relatively low, and a bit of projector comes with eye protection mode - diffuse reflection principle, long time to look down the eyes are not easy to acid, the neck is not easy to tired, relatively good for the body. (The elderly and children are more suitable)
● Short focus projector can be attached to the wall projection, does not take up space, which is very friendly to small homes.
Using the projector during the day, if the projector is not bright enough, you need to pull the curtains up and grid block the light source, which is relatively troublesome. This means that if you want to watch during the day without stress, you have to buy a high brightness projector.
The higher the brightness of the projector, the higher the price will be, relatively speaking, the higher the price of the projector to use the projection screen effect will be better, cost-effective only exists between the same price, low-cost projector really can not compare to the high-priced projector.
3. How to choose a projector
There are no less than ten brands of projectors on the market, and the various functions of the projector look dazzling, so that people really have no way to choose the right projector for themselves at once.
a. Look at the lumens
Lumens is the projector light source brightness, the brightness of the light source is related to the most intuitive feeling when looking at the projector projection screen, generally will use ANSI this unit to express, it is a unit of measurement of luminous flux, refers to the total light energy produced by the light source per unit of time.
The higher the lumen level, the brighter the projector screen will be. The lower the lumens, the worse the viewing experience will be, which we should remember.
It should be noted that light source lumens are not the same as ANSI lumens, 1 ANSI lumens is approximately equal to 4 light source lumens, be sure to look carefully at the parameters written ANSI lumens or light source lumens when selecting.
In the daytime or lighting, it is best to choose 150 ANSI lumens and above the projector, otherwise the projection will not be clear results.
And in addition to lumens, the most important thing is the projector for the original color reproduction, generally this function can only appear in the high-end projector above, such as this FATORK POCKET MONSTER Mini Projector - original color projection
It takes the original color of the picture into account to the best of its ability, for the color gamut and color accuracy details adjustment, so that the picture is completed to the maximum extent more realistic restoration, infinitely close to the most realistic picture you see with the naked eye.
b. Resolution
This needs to be combined with video resolution understanding, 4K>1080p>720p>480p, the same screen size, the higher the resolution of the projected screen, the quality of the projected image will be more clear and delicate.
This parameter is available for cell phones and computers and serves a similar purpose. The memory of the projector indicates the running speed of the system (memory RAM) and the carrying capacity (memory ROM), just like the running memory and storage memory of a cell phone. The most common one is 2GB DDR3, and a rare one is 3GB DDR4, the latter being better than the former.
Tip: Still the bigger the better. The more memory the projector has, the faster and smoother the machine inside the projector will run.
d. Image Technology
The projector's image technology will largely determine the quality of the picture, the current two mainstream image technology, one is LCD technology, one is DLP technology.
LCD projection technology was born in 1989 LCD projection technology, is still one of the mainstream display technology of the projector, in the home, education office and other scenes have been widely used.
The current 3LCD has better color reproduction, brightness is subsequently improved, but the contrast is not particularly ideal.
The projection light source of LCD, on the other hand, uses metal halide lamps or ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs, which have a short service life and high replacement frequency.
DLP projection technology is the image signal through digital processing, and then projector out, its projector cost is relatively low, with a high cost performance, and the picture is bright and rich colors, there is a high contrast, the picture level is also more excellent, but the brightness is relatively low.
e. Projection ratio
This parameter actually refers to the ratio of the distance from the projector to the screen and the size of the projected image. Simply put, the projector than a small projector projection distance is short, suitable for small spaces, such as bedrooms. A projector with a large projection ratio throws out a long distance, which is suitable for large spaces, such as living rooms.
f. Keystone Correction and Focusing
There is no trapezoid correction and whether to support auto-focus, this should also be noted.
You can imagine when you get home from work, do you want to open the projector immediately to see the movie, or do you want to manually focus and correct before watching it?
Keystone correction: when you use the projector, the picture may be crooked, and when your projector has this feature, it will help you automatically correct, no need for us to do it again, very time-saving and effort.
Auto-focus: Refer to the focus function of cell phone camera to understand. When your projector has this feature, it allows you to quickly focus the projector when it is on, after moving, and watch movies with ease, very effortless and convenient.

Finally, after introducing the projector selection knowledge points, and then share with you the care and maintenance of the projector attention, mainly in the following areas.
1, the use of the temperature of 0-40 °, the temperature is too high to affect the projector life.
2, use the environment to avoid fumes and dusty and humid places.
3, the length of use should not be used continuously for more than 8 hours, the machine overheating for a long time, affecting the life of the projector.
4, during use behind the body should be reserved enough space for heat dissipation, about 10-15cm.
5, the power adapter should not have other things to cover, to ensure that the adapter can be normal heat dissipation.
6, the machine shell has dust can be wiped with water, this remember to squeeze the water in the rag.
7, the lens has dust can be wiped with non-woven or glasses cloth, water, if you have the conditions of the water with glasses (glasses cleaner), no conditions, as long as clean water are no problem. (Also do not need to wipe every day, keep clean on)

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