How to Choose Gaming Projector? 2022 Newest Guideline

How to Choose Gaming Projector? 2022 Newest Guideline

Are Projectors Good for Gaming? Gaming Projector Guideline

Yes, projectors are great for gaming given you select the right ones. New gaming projectors deliver dedicated, rich gaming experiences on displays twice bigger than anything TVs manage without sacrificing response and while offering 120Hz, 4K, and more.

The main advantages of using a projector for gaming are that it's much cheaper than an expensive TV and it has less input lag than a standard LCD or plasma screen.

Here's a topic we've touched upon in different ways before, but now it's time to really get into it. Projector versus TV for gaming. Sure, you know TVs are the mainstream for gaming on consoles, but you want something different. Notably, you want a big screen. A very large screen. Doing that with a TV would be almost extremely expensive, not to mention finding a TV that manages a 120" view is essentially impossible. But new gaming projectors easily showcase your gaming on displays in that form factor. And thanks to new developments, they're on equal footing with TVs in terms of resolution, input lag, latency, refresh rate, HDR, and color depth, all while having an edge in important image quality specs like contrast. Modern gaming projectors have left issues such as ghosting and lag in the past, and match TVs with regards to gaming performance. Let's get into this.

Can I play playstation or XBox Series?

Yes, you can connect your console to any gaming projector with an HDMI port just like with a TV.  Again, good specifications are vital. 

Recommended Projectors for Gaming

FATORK Pocket Monster-5G WiFi Smart Portable Movie Projector

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaming on a Projector?

Cost Per Inch of Projector vs TV

If you want the biggest screen possible, only projectors do that. We don’t want to downplay TVs or say anything bad about them, we love TVs and Fatork even makes them for select markets. We just don’t want to maintain any illusion here. Realistically, TVs are capped at 75” for most people, and under 100” if you’re very well off and money isn’t a thing for you. For a lot less money you easily get a great gaming projector that’ll gladly do up to 180” displays if you have the space for a screen. Definitely 100”-120” is effortless, and the relative cost of the projector leaves TVs far behind. The wow factor of games on screens in that size class can’t be denied, nor can it be done by anything other than projectors tuned for gaming from the drawing board onwards.

Projectors Offer High Refresh Rates and Low Input Lag

Thanks to recent developments, there are projectors that are on equal footing with TVs in terms of resolution, input lag, latency, refresh rate, HDR, and color depth, all while having an edge in terms of important image quality specs like contrast.

What About Sound Performance?

You probably noticed that lots of higher priced TVs these days ship with soundbars. That’s because the integrated speakers on flat screen televisions tend to be very underwhelming, and by design. First off, TVs are now expected to be very thin, so there’s little room for speakers. More importantly, with everything packed into one slender design, powerful speakers could easily rattle pixel transistors, distort screen layers, and cause other problems. Good thing gaming projectors aren’t designed like they’re fragile museum pieces, despite their lighter and more compact form factor.

Gaming on Projectors is Great!

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