Introduction of  SUP: How to Paddle Board

Introduction of SUP: How to Paddle Board

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This is for anyone who has ever thought about trying stand up paddle boarding. Learn the basics of getting on the board, going off it, and what to do when you fall in. Have a printable check list when you head out too.

     A fun way to play on the water is stand up paddle boarding. Stand up paddle boarding is a full-body workout and since you are standing, it gives you a unique vantage point for viewing what's far off in the horizon or what’s down under the water.So, you need to know :How to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP): The Basics

   Stand up paddling may seem intimidating when you first start. But, with practice, it becomes a lot easier. We are going to show you how to carry and stand up on your board!

   Skills and experience come with time; if you are new to SUP, the sport may seem overwhelming. Paddlers might be in the water for an hour trying to manage all the techniques,how to Paddle a Paddle Board: Basic Strokes.

   For recreational paddling and guided tours, you need to bring a few essentials that can make your experience more comfortable,Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Checklist

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