Netflix Money Saving Tips 2022,

Netflix Money Saving Tips 2022,

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Netflix,was founded in 1997 and headquartered in California, USA. It is a global online movie and TV giant, which allows users to watch movies and TV shows online without commercials, and also download programs to iOS, Android, Amazon Fire or Windows 10 devices to play when there is no Internet connection. Netflix currently has more than 200 million subscribers and serves more than 190 countries and territories, covering most countries except China and Russia.

Netflix account tiers and pricing
Netflix accounts are available in 3, or 4, monthly packages in different countries, with common ones such as Mobile package (Mobile): Allows you to watch SD videos on one phone or tablet. This package is only available in a limited number of regions.
Basic: SD video can be viewed on one device.
Standard: HD video can be viewed on two devices at the same time.
Premium: Watch HD/Ultra HD video on four devices at the same time.
Income and development/consumption levels vary from country to country, in addition to different market conditions and promotional strategies, resulting in a wide range of prices for Netflix in each country.
Pricing in developed countries is usually higher, for example, the basic package is 11.90 francs in Switzerland, or USD12.39 at today's exchange rate; USD9.99 in the US and CAD9.99 in Canada, or about USD7.70.
In India, due to the success of Disney+ and Amazon Prime, Netflix has not raised its prices to compete with them this year, but has reduced them significantly, with the cheapest Mobile Plan currently costing 149 rupees, or just 1.91 USD. If you are watching Netflix on your phone and tablet, this is one of the cheapest packages in the world! However, its Basic Plan is slightly more expensive than in Turkey.
Turkey is currently the cheapest country for Netflix, with the Basic Plan at 37.99 lira per month, or about USD2.19 (Mobile Plan is not available).

Buy Netflix from a cheaper area

Netflix US is a whole $7.80/month more expensive than the Turkish version! So, can we go to Turkey to buy it? The answer is yes; in fact, there are many people in the English-speaking world who do the same, and the easiest way to do it is to turn on a VPN and "go over the wall" to Turkey. If you don't have a VPN, Ivacy, for example, is the most cost effective, with an annual subscription for only $3.99 per month, half the price difference between US and Turkish Netflix! If you happen to have privacy, security, and other concerns, and could use a VPN, this is a great deal!

Buy discounted gift cards

Nifty can be purchased with Nifty gift cards from retailers or at sites like,,,, etc. Discounts are sometimes available. After you purchase a gift card, use it here. You can also use an Apple/iTunes gift card to purchase a Nifty account. The following video demonstrates the Apple/iTunes Gift Card payment on the iPhone mobile app.


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