The Joy of Camping

The Joy of Camping

Camping that is closer to nature

The definition of the term camping varies from person to person, the following is  definition of campingdefinition.

To explain what camping is, it is tips for survival in the forest. Originally, the necessary skills for camping are very similar to survival in the Wild. But survival or survival says law, the meaning of "survival" is too strong, and people can't help but think of difficult situations.
Conditions or life-threatening situations, which inevitably reduces the use of camping as a hobby fun.
However, on the other hand, sheltering the premises with timber, or the original method of making fires and picnics, these wild survival skills, have their own hidden treasures.
What fun, focus on these interesting places fang, treat wild survival skills as a leisure activity and enjoy it, that is what I call camping! If you enjoy the level of life in nature in terms of meaning, it may be close to camping. But camping is almost going to be modernized props are moved to nature, while camping is a tool that is used as little as possible.
Use as many materials as you can find on site.
In contrast, camping is a way of resting closer to nature.
Therefore, personal field skills and the ability to adapt to the environment will become more important.
Learning related skills and adaptability is also part of the fun of camping.
Don't rely too much on tools in the forest, rely only on your own strength and technology.
After a day, it will bring you a lot of self-confidence and joy. 

Prioritization of Camping Essential Skills

The necessary skills for camping can be divided into four categories, namely, techniques for building shelter, skills for obtaining and preserving water, skills related to fire, and skills related to food. These are essential skills when you are stuck in a difficult situation to survive. Shelter, water, fire, food, remember this order when camping. The first priority is to "shelter the place". The biggest role of shelter is to maintain body temperature, and body temperature is an important factor in survival. When it comes to maintaining body temperature, many people may think of making a fire to keep warm, but instead of obtaining heat from the outside, priority should be given to how to prevent their body temperature from dissipating to the outside. The next thing to consider is "water". You might be surprised at the priority of shelter over water, but humans can survive without water for about 72 hours, compared to even in summer if the body gets wet and the wind persists Blowing, it only takes a few hours to lose heat and die, or fall into a state of near-death.
Of course, generally speaking, this is rarely the case, but please keep this priority in mind. It is important to remember that maintaining body temperature is the first priority and water is second. Then there's "fire". With fire, you can cook food, use it as lighting, and can also be used to sterilize or give energy to the mind. It can be said to be very useful. Next is "food". In fact, humans can survive for 3 weeks to 30 days without eating. Because there is ample buffer time, the priority order is last.

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