2022 Thanksgiving Gift List for Family or Friends

2022 Thanksgiving Gift List for Family or Friends

Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, a holiday for American families to celebrate together. During the holiday, we will send thanksgiving wishes to our family, partners and friends, in addition to the turkey, of course, we will also send some small gifts to our family, partners and friends.
I will bring you Thanksgiving Day exclusive special gift recommendations, I hope you can use, remember to collect if you like Oh, if you miss this year, next year can also be used.

1.A Mini Projctor

Reasons to recommend mini projector: Consider purchasing a mini projector for your friends or family that is inexpensive but has 1080P HD image quality, definitely a good choice. Not only does it come with automatic image correction, it is also equipped with DLP technology. Imagine a family using this mini projector on the patio or in the living room or bedroom, the warmth of the atmosphere is instantly created.

It is now available for only $189.99 (Code:THS)

FATORK Pocket Monster-5G WiFi Smart Portable Movie Projector

2.Portable Power Station

Reasons to recommend B500 Portable power station:When your family or friends need to go out for a short trip, a portable power station with LiFePO4 BATTERIES, 2 AC ports, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, and a car outlet, and The 518Whportable power station with solar panel charging support will be an exciting gift for them, it is small and easy to use, and can even be used as a home emergency power supply.

It is now available for only $499.99 (Code:THS)

FATORK B500 518Wh/500W Portable Power Station

3.Solar Panel

Reasons to recommend solar panel:As a good tool to get clean energy, solar panel is an increasingly popular product for modern families. If you have a storage power source at home or your friends, or want to have a product that can get power in an emergency when you are in the field, you can consider this FATORK 100W solar panel.

It is now available for only $139.99 (Code:THS)

FATORK 100W Portable Solar Panel

Thanksgiving is coming up, I hope you have a wonderful routine in your busy life and wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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