A 3 in 1 Portable Projector, Suitable for Travel, Business and Home.

A 3 in 1 Portable Projector, Suitable for Travel, Business and Home.

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Portable projectors are also known as pocket projectors, because of its compact size, exquisite and beautiful advantages, very popular with young groups. It can not only project a big screen at home anytime and anywhere, but you can also enjoy the joy of a big screen when you are out and about, or you can project documents on a big screen when you are on a business trip, etc.
Today we just recommend portable projectors here, the main focus is "portable".

Fatork Portable projectors have several characteristics.

1.Small size, light weight, can easily put into a small bag and backpack inside.

2.There is a built-in battery, or support for rechargeable batteries connected to the power supply, battery capacity of at least 5000mAh or more, at least to support the time to watch a movie.

3.The brightness can not be too low, not because of the small size of portable and deliberately sacrificed brightness, at least 150ANSI or more.

4. The memory space can not be too small, at least 8G to start.

5.To have an intelligent system to facilitate the user to freely download a variety of applications.

The general use of portable projectors scenarios.

1. Can be used for family, rental house, watching movies, experience large screen games.

2.Travel driving tour, the travel route and the formation of the planning projection to the hotel wall, looks more intuitive and clear, but also can enjoy the joy of the big screen during the trip.

3.High school, college dormitory, project directly onto the wall above the bed, or even directly onto the ceiling, bring headphones, play games and watch movies.

4.Several friends gathering, you can use the portable projector to focus everyone's attention on a point a picture, mobilize the atmosphere.

5.Teaching use, suitable for small class education, a class of only a few students.

6.Office, small meetings. For example, in the company to open a small discussion of three or four people.

FATORK Pocket Monster-5G WiFi Smart Portable Movie Projector

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