DLP projector or LCD projector? Real experience recommends DLP's Fatork Pocket Monster Projector

DLP projector or LCD projector? Real experience recommends DLP's Fatork Pocket Monster Projector

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Which is better, the DLP projector or the LCD projector, and which is more suitable for commercial use? This question will not be asked by white users, experts are not willing to answer, people who really want to get the answer to the question will not be able to find the right answer.
According to the different display technology, most of the business projectors on the market are divided into DLP and LCD, DLP technology is more commonly favored, using a DMD display chip, the size and resolution of a variety of options, the advantage is high contrast brightness, small size, long life, good color, no pixel point. And LCD is now divided into LCD and 3LCD, single-chip LCD technology is nearly eliminated, only a hundred dollars class projector is still in use, because of the cheap, but poor color, poor brightness, pixel point obvious.
After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the above, from a comprehensive selection of recommended DLP projectors, and real experience, still recommended DLP projectors, easy to use, affordable, color picture true, and business use small size long life, no obvious pixel point, a comprehensive experience good. So how do you choose a DLP projector?
Here we talk about this FATORK DLP Pocket monster projector from the perspective of this real experience, its range of capabilities and its application in the actual scenario.

The appearance of the brief, light body, multi-scene available
The Fatork Pocket Monster projector with DLP display technology has a beautiful shape and a lightweight body that can take into account both home and business environments.
The Fatork Projector has a high lumen brightness lens and built-in Hi-Fi sound, with a large air inlet on the back for plenty of open space, and a powerful fan in the air outlet to remove heat from the lens and speakers during operation, preventing the mini projector from overheating and stopping working.
Fatork is equipped with a projector bracket to adjust the angle and height, put the desktop projection screen can adjust the support angle at will, so that the screen projection angle is more reasonable. With the vertical keystone distortion correction function, it can effectively solve the problem of screen distortion caused when the height is too high or too low.
It is worth mentioning that the projection ratio of FATORK mini projector is up to 114", and even with a zoom ratio of 1.1x, it can project a large screen in a very small space.
Rich interface, compatible with multiple devices
The FATORK Mini projector's interfaces include an audio IN/OUT port, HDMI, one USB power supply, and a DC port, making this rich set of interfaces more than sufficient for daily office meetings.
Both the remote control included with the projector and the physical panel buttons on the top of the body by the interface location can control the use of the Fatork mini projector, in the presentation of PPT, but also through independent control of positive and negative page flip, volume, zoom key group to quickly control, without having to activate the function and then press the arrow keys to control, very efficient.
High brightness is clear and incomparable, and color reproduction is in place
The performance of the FATORK MINI projector can be seen. There is no doubt that high brightness, daytime light resistance is good, 1080P will be completely in place to show details, clear and sharp text, natural image transition, thanks to the high contrast advantages of DLP display technology, text rendering clear and sharp, high contrast, the image is also clear and bright, rich picture, strong sense of three-dimensional.
Easy to understand menu, quick and clear operation
The FATORK mini projector's menu adjustment can be very fine adjustment of a specific parameter, for example, among the three primary colors to adjust the degree of red gain, but the logic of the entire menu is simple to understand, you do not have to specifically read the manual can be adjusted, no need to worry about adjusting the wrong or can not find the location.
DLP is better, real experience
This FATORK mini projector priced at only $209 (Code:F80) now active, equipped with high lumens brightness, cooling fan power, easy to integrate into the business environment and home shi'y appearance, support for lifting feet and trapezoid correction. The interface is rich, compatible with support for multiple devices connected to use, color and brightness are just right, the display effect yyds, the menu is also divided into advanced and basic, to meet different users, many small details on the experience are very thoughtful, love it.

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