The Advantage of DLP Projectors

The Advantage of DLP Projectors

Outstanding DLP Picture Quality

DLP display technology combines accurate, long lasting colour with high native contrast ratios. These days, around 90% of Films use DLP innovation for Advanced Projection.

Durable Colour Performance

Based on all-advanced DLP innovation, the Digital Micromirror Device can reproduce its approaching source material with every projection experience that will not fade over time. Thusly, ViewSonic DLP projectors virtually eliminate image degradation and deliver brand new colour performance every time.

Completely clear Pictures

DMD structures a high fill factor pixel game plan with little holes, so ViewSonic DLP projectors produce smooth, clean pictures. The designs and text are shown all the more definitively without "screen door effect".

High Native Contrast Ratio

The optical framework utilized in ViewSonic DLP projectors gives "Further Dark" and "Native High Differentiation Proportions" because of DMD innovation. A high differentiation proportion adds profundity to pictures and gives them a more realistic feel.

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