Q:Can the projector cast to stream "YouTube, Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu"?

A:Currently only YouTube streaming is supported. For copyright protection, if you want to project "Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc." on your pico projector, please try using Google "Chromecast" or Amazon "Fire TV Stick".(TV Stick is not included)

Q:Why the projector cannot connect with wifi?

A:When projecting over a wireless connection, we recommend that the distance between your mobile device and the FATORK video projector is no more than 1 meter.

Q:Why can't I play after WiFi connection?

A:When connecting wirelessly via Wi-Fi, both the mobile device and the mobile projector must keep Wi-Fi on.

Q:When the projector opens the same screen mirror interface, no blue signal screen is displayed, WiFi does not display?

A:Attempt to power off and restart whether to recover